Southwest Hoops Basketball Tournaments


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 Tiebreakers in which two teams are tied, head-to-head competition between the teams will determine the winner. Tiebreakers in which more than two team are tied, a point differential system will be applied. The point differential of the teams involved in the tie is totaled. Teams are then ranked according to the sum of the point differential with the highest number placing first, the second highest placing second, etc. Teams will receive a maximum of +15 points for a win and a maximum of -15 points for a loss (including forfeits). Example : Pool A 1.Spurs 2.Mavs 3.Rockets  1 vs 2  TEAM 2 won 40-28 3 vs 2  TEAM 3 WON 29- 28 1 VS 3 TEAM 1 WON 50-30 SPURS -2, + 15 = 13 1ST PLACE MAVS +2 ,-1 =1 2ND PLACE ROCKETS  - 15, + 1 = -14 3RD PLACE  to enter 806-201-2777

Southwest Hoop  Fall Tournaments

September 12th  Seagraves TX  $140.00 Per team 3 games Only

September 19th  Lubbock $140.00 per team 3 games only  September 26th Blackwell TX $140.00 per team 

October 3rd  Seagraves TX $140.00 Per team  3 games Only

October 10th Lubbock   $140.00 per team 3 games Only

Fall Showcases are 3 games No Medals No Bracket

November 7th  Turkey Shootout  Lubbock 1&2 – 8th Only $175.00 per team Medals to 1st &2nd

November 14th  Fallstown Turkey Shootout Wichita Falls TX 1st &2nd – 8th Only $150.00 per team Medals to 1st &2nd

December 19th & 20th  Jingle Jam Lubbock TX  $175.00 per team  1st &2nd – 8th Only

New years Shootout Jan 2nd Wichita Falls TX $150.00 per team

Jan 9th Seagraves

Jan 23 Seagraves

Feb 6 Seagraves

Feb 20 Seagraves

March 4-5 Seagraves

March 11-13 Texoma Small School Championships Wichita Falls ) March 18-19 Spring Break Jam Lubbock

April 1-3 Small School nationals Lubbock

April 15- 16 Lubbock 1st&2nd, 3rd&4th,5th, 6th, 7th Saturday

April 16th Forsan One Day 

April 17 one day 8th,Jv & Varsity Sunday

April 29-30 Lubbock *

April 30 & May 1 Abilene * 

May 12-13 Lubbock 1st &2nd,3rd &4th, 5th,6th,7th

May 14 One Day Lubbock 8th,jv, Varsity

May 13 Wichita Falls One day

May 20-21 Plainview 

May 21- 22 Abilene

May 27-29 Memorial Day Classic Lubbock

June 11- 12 Abilene

June 10-12 Lubbock

June 17-19 Lubbock


June 24-25 Plainview

June 24- 25 Wichita Falls

July 8-10 Nationals Lubbock

July 22-23 End of Summer Lubbock, Texas

Call 806-201-2777  or 8067736189 Fall Ball Showcase $140.00 per team  1 day Tournament $175.00 Spring 2-3 Day Tournaments  $200.00  Early Bird $175.00

TAMI WILSON 806-773-6189 CORY LUSK 806-201-2777 Southwest Hoops Bad weather policy. We will follow all weather procedures on news  media. If  storm requires you to take cover or seek shelter. Games will stopped & teams will take cover. Play will resume if weather permits. Hailstorms we will continue the game currently on the schedule but we will postpone games until the storm pass. We do not want teams driving in bad weather.


We are the Tournament Organization you have been looking for. SW HOOPS Tournaments takes competitive basketball to a whole new level. Not only do we provide a safe and competitive environment for your team and players, we also showcase your student-athletes and teams. That is right, unlike a lot of tournaments we are here for your kids, parents, and coaches. Our Tournaments has been developed with the mindset of coaches and players because like you our staff loves the game of basketball. Our staff breathe, eat & sleep Basketball. Here is how we are different:Our Divisions Actually Make- not only do they make but our events host anywhere from 50 to 150+ teams depending on season . Fairness and Integrity- Our participating teams will play according to their school grade. NO SURPRISES. We value the fairness of an equal UIL and NCAA Certified Referee Staff- Our officiating staff contribute to the development of your student-athletes while keeping a safe playing environment .Real Competition -Attending teams from all over Texas ,New Mexico & sometimes Oklahoma. Safe Playing Environment - We protect your team to promote proper development without outside interference and threats. WE CARE!!!! We look forward to being your tournament of Choice. Please Check back Daily for changes & checks brackets posted on the wall after  each game. The most current brackets will be posted on the wall once the tournament starts the  brackets online may not be updated. You are guaranteed 3 games  so if you lose 2 games & make sure you don't have  another game. Please show up on time. Please have your kids  pickup their trash.  Please keep your kids off the court when they are not playing  It is rude for kids to get on the court & shoot  during halftime & timeouts.  Zero Tolerance for unruly parents,coaches, & players. It is best if there is a problem get a director or staff member to handle the problem. Even if that means stopping the game right then & there. Officials are human & they  will make mistakes .If there a problem lets get it resolved. But no need  for  cursing, yelling , or physical altercation. If needed  we could have unruly people escorted off the premises. 



Our Tournaments

Our Tournament Director's are experienced, fun to work with, and completely professional. Our Gym's are state-of-the-art ,Have A/C and is clean and comfortable.Schedules are made Wednesday night before the tournament  Brackets are usually posted by Thursday morning. Deadline to enter a tournament is by Tuesday evening before a tournament. Hope to see you soon! To find out Info on our Tournament's please click on Tournament Info Page.


“When I started looking for a tournament for our basketball team, I was amazed when I found out what the Lubbock area had to offer. The location, gyms, and atmosphere were all great. This is exactly what we were looking for, and cannot wait until the next tourney...”  Coach Tony Cruz, Andrews Dragons

"I Have been to other tournaments in West Texas. Southwest Hoops makes sure you play teams of your quality. Being from a small town it is nice to be matched up vs other small towns the 1st game."Mike White

"Man it was a awesome tournament!! Every team there for the varsity girls division were strong. No scrub teams. That's the real deal. Can't wait till next years Memorial Day classic." Wildkats


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