Southwest Hoops

 Please Pay your In Entry fee In Cash If Possible.If you have a check please send it a week before your tournament . PLEASE CONTACT US ABOUT SENDING CHECKS OR SENDING A PAYPAL  If you send in a week early you can save $25.00 

Daily Admission is for 6.00 for adults & 2.00 For Students. Tournament passes may be available.
Gyms will open 30 Min before the 1st game. If the first game is @ 8:30 Am Doors will open @8:00 AM. 

Each team must supply one adult score keeper at the scorer's table for each game that team is scheduled. The Scorekeeper or bookkeeper can not be loud & aggressive. They can cheer for the team put cannot argue with officials or other coaches.  

Games for 1st -2nd will consist of 18 Min  halves  with Running Clock on 9ft  Goals  full court press allowed last 5 min of the 2nd half.




The clock will stop for time-outs,official discussions &  Last 2 min he of 2nd Half. If the score is within 10 points,the clock will  not stop during last two minutes of game on all whistles.

 Teams will be granted 4 time-outs per regulation game. Legenth of the time out will be 30-45 seconds.

Overtime periods will be 2 minutes using a stopped clock. Teams will be granted one time-out in OT. If an 3rd OT is required, it will be sudden death with no timeouts allotted. 

 Game time is forfeit time. Unless Otherwise directed by TOURNAMENT  DIRECTOR . Do not leave the gym until  we know what is going on. 

 Half-time will be a minimum of 3 minutes.

An intermediate (28.5) ball will be used for all divisions except boy's 6th Grade & JH - they will use a regulation men's ball.

An 27.5 Ball will be used for 2nd Grade Divisions.

 All teams must have uniform shirts with visible numbers on the back. Numbers are recommended for the front.

Players must compete in their own grade classification. Exception: Players in a lower grade may participate in an older division. NOTE: Players may play on one team only in each grade.

 Any coach or player who receives 2 unsportsmanlike technical fouls during the tournament will be ejected for the remainder of the tournament. The tournament administration reserves the right to refuse entry applications.

Pickup players will not be allowed once the tournament has begun.If you play with a player not on the  roster you will have to forfiet that game played with a illegal  players.  Roster form and liability release signature must be turned in before the teams first scheduled game. Questions about player eligibility should be directed to  (806-201-2777) or 806-773-6189. 

 Team coaches must keep their players off of the court during games in which they are not involved. The tournament does not provide basketballs.

Each team will be required to present birth certificates & report cards before each tournament. 

Our tournaments are grade based with a grade exception.This is for kids that were held back. Grade exceptions cannot be more than 2 years older than their normal grade. For example a 5th grade exception player can not be 13 yrs old  As Of September 1st 2012.

Because Our Tournaments are Grade based so a 7th grader that is 12 years old could not play in the 6th grade division. 

Player Eligibility:
Coaches are responsible to see that their team meets all eligibility requirements. An athlete must be in the grade/age of the division they are playing in as of September 1, 2018.
Proof of player eligibility is the responsibility of the team coach. Eligibility WILL be checked on all protest. Acceptable proofs of age are clean photocopies of birth certificate, adoption papers, or immigration papers and a current school report card.
A player can play on only one team per age division.

The Tournament Director shall apply the Player Eligibility Rules in such a manner as the Tournament Director deems appropriate to uphold not only the letter but the spirit of such rules and all teams shall be bound by any such application.

Unsigned Seniors can play until June.  

If you have any questions  please ask.
 All tournaments Have a 3 game MIN.You could Play 3-5 games every tournaments.
 You do not have to Have AAU Cards to play in our tournaments.You Just need to bring  Your Documentation & pay your entry fee.
We Use the NFHS Rules.
1st& 2nd play on 8 1/2 Goals and use a 27.5 ball. Teams can not full court press until the Last 5 min 2nd Half.
3rd-12th Play on 10 Foot Goals. Girls 3rd-12th use 28.5 basketball. Boy's 3rd-5th use 28.5 Basketball. Boy's 6th & up use 29.5 basketball.Teams can not full court press if they have a 20 point lead.

Pool Play Tiebreaker Order:
Ties after completion of pool-play games will follow the tie-breaker order listed below:

Tiebreakers in which two teams are tied, head-to-head competition between the teams will determine the winner. Tiebreakers in which more than two team are tied, a point differential system will be applied. The point differential of the teams involved in the tie is totaled. Teams are then ranked according to the sum of the point differential with the highest number placing first, the second highest placing second, etc. Teams will receive a maximum of +15 points for a win and a maximum of -15 points for a loss (including forfeits).

Example :

Pool A



 1 vs 2  TEAM 2 won 40-28

3 vs 2  TEAM 3 WON 29- 28

1 VS 3 TEAM 1 WON 50-30

1.  SPURS -2, + 15 = 13 1ST PLACE

2.  MAVS +2 ,-1 =1 2ND PLACE

3.  ROCKETS  - 15, + 1 = -14 3RD PLACE 

806-201-2777  806-773-6189


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